About us

Raynault VFX is a premiere visual effects studio located in Montreal, Canada, known for its visually arresting and technically refined work in feature films and preeminent episodics.

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Founded in 2011, RAYNAULT has a culture that encourages collaboration and values the process as much as the product. It’s the kind of environment that enables us to successfully design, craft and deliver hundreds of technically and aesthetically challenging vfx shots across multiple projects.

What we do

  • CG Environments
  • Digital Compositing
  • Digital Matte Painting
  • CG Asset Creation
  • Concept Art
  • 3D Animation
  • CG Crowds
  • On-Set VFX Supervision
  • Practical Element Shoot
  • VFX Pipeline Tool Development


We don’t fill seats – we handpick artists for the unique talents they will bring to our studio. Members of our founding team are now supervisors, mentoring and guiding our talented artistic ensemble across all platforms and departments.


A beautiful work environment inspires beautiful work. It should be no surprise that our studio space was designed with the same attention to detail, and aesthetic sensibility that we bring to our work. Recently relocated to the trendy Mile End area, we enjoy mixing it up with our high-profile neighbors and making the most of the amazing amenities nearby.


Stylish architectural and art history books are more than decorations in our high-tech, yet laid-back work space – their content is reflected in our work as well as our glossy screens.